Nur Hanna Yusof and 17. Born on July 22nd 01 in Penang. Interested in programming and eating pizza and sleeping zzz. Love camping in the middle of nowhere, hiking and any adventurous stuff. Love anime. Huge Coldplay fan, huge Harry Potter fan, believe in magic, aliens, and superheroes.. Live in Kedah. Studying in Hogwarts.

If I were a superhero, I'd be The Flash. or maybe if I could teleport that'd be awesome too so I can steal money from the bank. you know what? Maybe I'd just be a villain. yea

I love my pet cat Bibi.

Loveeeee reading books, listening to music, watching movies (who doesn't???!).. 

Fav book(s) ; A Work In Progress by Connor Franta
Fav song(s) ; One More Light by Linkin Park , Fix You by Coldplay
Fav singer(s) ; Chris Martin , Eminem , Zayn
Fav movie(s) ; Harry Potter , The Maze Runner , Stranger Things


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