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December 19th,

After two months, all the form 3 students finally got to see how's their PT3 result.... And I am one of those students, yup, I am 15. PT3 is not that important guys, SPM is. Getting an excellent result is a goal and heck yes I will do anything for it. Important or not, who cares? I know this is just the beginning and I won't start the journey to achieve my goal with a bad result...

And this is such a great gift from God, also all the prayers from my families and friends and teachers.. Thanks for all the support. I didn't expect all A's at the first place because I kinda gave up on Science, it was damn hard plus I never got an A before.. The funny thing is the trial one was easier than the real one but for the trial one I didn't get A. What a miracle hahaha.. 

Also congratulations to the other 30 students from SMK Sultan Badlishah who got straight A's too. I know it doesn't hit the target like what our teachers want but it is obviously not our fault I must say hahaha. I mean u crazy ah? They want 70 students to get all A's and it ended up to be 31. Not even close at all! Hahaha don't expect too much, teachers, kami hanya manusia biasa.. 

Congratulations to all the form 3 students for doing the best you could. Keep chasing your dream and never give up. Whatever your result is, it doesn't determine your future because all you have to do is keep trying until you get what you want. And above all, always remember the One that gives you success, trust his timing, don't lose hope on Him..



Dyan said...

congrats utk awk moga terus berjaya dlm hidup

Liyana Jasmi said...

congratsssss! :D

Mrs Fuzy šŵëĕt.šöʊř.Նĕγʀǟ said...

congratss...wish you all the best girl

izzati athirah said...

I love to read your last paragraph. Its kinda give me an inspiration to keep move on and trying to be the best among the best.

I hope you can maintain your positive thinking like this. Hahahaa... I didn't mean to scare you, but just to inform, the world is going to be more challenging than now :)

Btw, congrats for your super duper excellent result in PT3!

Lie na said...

Tahniah yunk. :)

That Ravenclaw said...

youre so clever i feel so small!! anyway congrats and happy new year!! :)

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