When I Was A Kid

Aye assalamualaikum I'm back! Jadi ini post pertama dalam tahun 2016 ni. Happy New Year. Eh? Not too late yet right? Still January tho. Huhu.
Okey, I just wanna share with you guys how I miss being a kid. Daa, everyone loves their childhood not gonna lie. Time, you need to slow down m8 seriously. Sometimes I just feel like I don't want to grow up but heh, impossible. Let me be honest, being an adult is so annoying. You have to do so much works, learn so many things !@#$%^& huh you know how I feel, right? Being a kid? You don't even have to do any works and being an adult was our dream!  The worst dream tbh!

I used to go and play at the padang every freakin' evening. Haha I remember that one day I played football with dudes like no big deal, no shame, just chill. Haha and korang tau tak rumput yang orang potong guna mesin tu kan, kami ambil dan kumpulkan satu tempat bagi banyak then buat rumah. Ala, you know how those 'rumah' look like. And oh, I don't know if this was just us, but we used to find a place that not a lot of people knew about and made it as our 'tempat rahsia', hahaha. We went there every evening just to play and talking shit, mengumpat haha, biasa la budak-budak kan?

Friends? Huh, ramai sangat sampai tak terkira like whuttt huh? Entahla, kawan ramai sangat dari seluruh Malaysia. Yeah, I have facebook since I was 8 and I knew them from internet. And lemme tell ya, I actually still in contact with some of them but  I never met them. MIND BLOWN. Haha I was such a great kid huh? My tamanmates, Balqis, Ika, Wan, Tiqah, Umi..Kami rapat jugak la dulu but now, I don't even know what in the world they are doing except Ika, because she is my schoolmate. Hahaha and I remember that one day, we decided to make a group together and pick one of us as the leader.. Haahhaha that was so funny.

Ha! Interesting part. Primary school was the best, especially when you were in grade 6 because hell yea, I'm the senior!!  Respect me!!. Hahaha you know what the best part was? I was the penolong ketua murid! So I was like, ''Eh you don't wanna mess up with me m8, I'm the queen!! ''. But hey, don't get me wrong, I was not that good, I actually did skip a Kajian Tempatan class. I did keluar kelas using the back door while the teacher was teaching. What a student! Hahaha I went everywhere I wanted to. You know, I felt nothing when I didn't pay enough attention when I was in primary school. But now, in sekolah menengah, I feel like I cannot skip even a 30 minutes class because I will be left behind.

So that's it I guess huhu. Bye! Don't judge meh m8, huhu I'm tryin to improve my English.

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