That One Wish

How many times, have all of us found ourselves lamenting about our misfortunes? And how many times have we wished that we could just turn back the clock? I too have always wished for a miracle to happen. However, if I were given a wish by Allah, I would wish for a peaceful world.

Today, the world we live in has no peace as we are surrounded by violence that is just sometimes too frightening for words. Gone werw the days where we could just go around anywhere without fear of being abducted, robbed or even killed. The increasing senseless crimes that we read in the daily newspapers where innocent victims whether young or old were brutally slashed or killed over a pittance or help wondering what has become of our society today. Violence is just everywhere. Outside the safety of our homes we feel as if there is always a predator 'lurking and stalking' the next unsuspecting innocent victim.

In today's affluent society, many of us have lost our core values in exchange of greed and power. For some people, a mere conflict or strife, a life can be taken away. When there is violence, life is akin to a cheap commodity. Families are no longer close-knitted like before. Open rivalry between siblings and relatives is nothing new. The peacefulness of our lives is diminishing because we have overlooked our core values like tolerance, love, faith, patience, understanding and other values.

When there is no peace, life is filled with uncertanties and woes. We never know what is in store for us. Danger and troubles are all around us. We have to be cautious always and this is not the way we should lead our lives. With uncertanties and woes we never be happy. Happiness is the essence of life. I would certainly wish for peace in the world. If I were given that one wish by Allah, it would positively be to wish for a peaceful world where we could all live in happiness and in safety.

If we have peaceful world then we can have a fulfilling time with our families and friends. We do not have to go around with fears in our hearts. Peace is what we need in our lives and that is definitely what I would wish for from Allah.

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